Our Vision

Make handicrafts sustainable for next generation of artisans.


About Us

During our travels across India we observed a distinct change in the way traditional artisans were earning their living. They were moving away from their ancestral art form or speciality that they were trained in, to jobs that were unskilled but still paying them enough to help their families. 


At the same time as handicraft lovers we have seen the best crafts being sold at enormous prices and thus pricing out the middle class buyer who is interested in the craft. 

With both these things in mind we decided to create Craftribute.com  

The Mission

Through our brand Craftribute®, we want to make responsibly procured beautiful handcrafted products available to a wider section of the society, so these rich traditions of crafts are not at the mercy of a select few.

A wider patronage is not just about gaining economic support but winning hearts of the society and restoring the glory of these rich traditions.

In addition to the responsible procurement, Craftribute Art & Decor is committed to extend 5% of its earnings for the welfare of the artisans and continuity of the art form.

Ganjifa Artist at work - II.JPG

Creative Process

We travel across the length and breadth of this country to study art forms and crafts that are woven into the fabric of this nation.

Connecting with the artisans directly and avoiding middlemen allows us to pass on benefits to the artisans as well as our customers.

Connecting with such creative people also enables us to create and maintain a certain level of freshness to our product catalogue and intrigues us to be more creative and work on products that we wish to bring to our customers.