This Painting represents the indigenous talent of one of the ancient most tribes of India - 'Gond' from Madhya Pradesh. It reflects the deep bonds between human beings and nature through its unique forms, vibrant colours and intricate textures. 

Base material: Paper

Framing: Special handwoven fabric that creates an illusion of a cage is used as a mount which highlights the unfortunate reality of today; Tigers need protection from humans! 

Width: 36 cm (46 cm with frame)

Height: 26.5 cm (38.0 cm with frame)

Frame colour: White 

For ease of shipping outside Mumbai, painting without the frame can also be commissioned. Please check product varients for pricing details.

Gond Painting - Crouching Tigers - with frame

  • Traditionally, Gond Paintings are done on walls by Gond Tribe from  Madhya Pradesh, India. Trees, Animals, and Birds are the at the centre of these paintings. Distinct forms and intricate textures (which come from the tattooing traditions of this tribe) make these paintings unique. Usage of vibrant colours make these paintings eye catchy and hard to miss!

  • Painting with frame can be shipped only within Mumbai.

    Painting on Canvas will be shipped globally as per requirement. Shipping charges will be charged as per location.