Product Description

Handcrafted to create magic with wood and lacquer. Innocence and mischief personified in form of the frog patiently waiting with his umbrella. 
Turned wood lacquer finished mobile stand. As seen in the photo, the mobile stand has been designed for latest handset models such as iPhone 11


Height: 21 -22 cm

Base dia: 11 cm

Lacquer Finished Frog Mobile Stand

  • The craft of making wooden lacquered objects is said to have been practiced from 300 BC. Toys, Ornaments, Idols & Decorative Articles made from softwood and brightly coloured with lacquer are famous for their skillful craftsmanship. The primitive tools used depict the skill harnessed over centuries by the skilled craftsmen. Eco-friendly and organic colors are used while making the artefacts which are derived from Anar, Kattha, Annatto seeds, Indigo, and Kasim plants. This craft is mainly practiced in parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, but facing challenges due to availabiity of wood, and increasing raw material prices.

  • As these are handcrafted products, there could be slight variation in colors, size or the design of the actual product from the one displayed in the store. 

    While we try our best to give you products that are very close to what you see in the store, kindly be cognizant of this fact and enjoy the unique product crafted just for you!