Tikuli Handpainted serving tray from the hinterland of India, Bihar. Tikuli is a traditional craft from Patna, Bihar and known for its intricate designs inspired from Madhubani paintings and bright colours.
Enamel paint is used to make the base material (MDF wood) heat proof and water proof.

Length: 44 cm
Width: 24.25 cm
Height: 3.5 cm

Tikuli Art - Serving Tray - Mandap

  • Tikuli craft takes its name from the local name for Bindi. Original art form has a rich history of 800 years, it's has taken a modern form and currently known for intricate designs in vibrant colours on black MDF board. The form is inspired from Madhubani art and it commonly depicts everyday chores of household women, auspicious occassions such as wedding ceremonies and mythological stories of Gopi Krishna. 
    This craft provides livelihood support to about 300-500 artisans families in Digha, Danapur and Gai Ghat mahallas of Patna town of Bihar.

  • Wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.